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Blizzard Entertainment will be releasing an updated and modernized version of its classic sci-fi strategy game StarCraft, the company’s CEO announced this weekend at its I <3 StarCraft event in South Korea. Called StarCraft: Remastered, this new edition, which includes both the base game and its famous expansion Brood War, is set to launch on Windows and Mac this summer. It’ll have updated graphics that support up to 4K resolutions, upgraded sound, more built-in languages, and be fully integrated into the online services that power games like Overwatch. But the changes are exclusively cosmetic, Blizzard stresses, as the developer is striving to maintain the time-tested balance and action that’s kept people playing StarCraft after all these years.

In the meantime, Blizzard also has plans for the original, non-Remastered version of the game. Later this week, it’ll become available to download and play for free, and it’s getting a brand new update that will fix bugs, improve stability on modern operating systems, and add features to this nearly 20 year-old game.


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