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The opening chords of “Dumpweed” will forever stir that long-dormant something in the hearts of suburbanites of a certain age. Blink-182's Enema Of The State turns 20 this year, and, in an unholy effort to remind us just what’s our age again, the shockingly resilient pop-punk outfit will play its joyously puerile major label debut in full on its upcoming tour.


This should serve as a lure for those puzzled by the band’s announced tour mate, hip-hop legend Lil Wayne. That said, they should nevertheless prepare for, let’s say, alternate version of “What’s My Age Again” previewed in the below announce video.

For as much as full-album performances have become something of a gimmick over the last decade, it will nevertheless be cathartic for the world’s buttoned-up thirtysomethings to loosen their ties and shout along with the perverted, scatalogical wordplay of “Dysentery Gary (the album’s best song, if we’re being honest). Less impactful, unfortunately, will be “Aliens Exist,” which was, for most Blink fans, the first hint that Tom DeLonge was really, really into aliens. With DeLonge having dedicated his life to pursuing little green men (and making TV and books about it), we can only hope that Matt Skiba can draw upon his “pagan energy” to convince us that the truth is out there. 

Blink’s 40-date trek, which also feature pop-punk outfit Neck Deep, kicks off on June 27 in Columbus. See a full list of dates here.

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