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Blink-182 releases its first post-Tom DeLonge song

Last month, Blink-182 teased that its next album—the first since losing guitarist and co-vocalist Tom DeLonge—would be available soon, and now everybody’s favorite band from when they were 15 or so has released that first single off of that album. Titled “Bored To Death,” the track is sadly not a dedication to Jonathan Ames’ HBO show of the same name. But it does sound a lot like a traditional Blink-182 song, just one without DeLonge’s iconic, nasally singing voice. Taking DeLonge’s place is Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba, who doesn’t make much of a noticeable impact on this track, but that’s probably by design. You don’t want to freak out the old Blink fans too much on your big comeback single.

The album featuring “Bored To Death” is called California (because of course it is), and it will be available on July 1. You can pre-order the album in various hoode-related bundles and download the single at Blink’s official site.

[via Entertainment Weekly]


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