As it is written in the Holy Books Of Alternative Rock: “On the occasion that Radiohead does something, all other bands shall do the same.” That’s why everybody thought it would be a good idea to offer their music in a pay-what-you-want model after In Rainbows did it in 2007, that’s why every band feels kind of weird about being famous, and that’s why there have been no new albums from any band since 2011. But Radiohead is apparently making a new album now, so that means it’s OK for everybody else to do the same.

This is especially good news for Blink-182, because the world has been sorely lacking in new music for suburban high school boys who think they can skateboard to get really obsessed with. As reported by MTV, those wacky kids from Blink-182 are currently working on a new album, despite the fact that they’re certainly not wacky kids anymore. Singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge revealed the news in the caption to a throwback photo of the band that he posted on his Instagram page, which said “rehearsals start today… And yes there will be a new album #SorryForTheWait #Blink.”


This will be #Blink’s first album since Neighborhoods in 2011, which happens to be when Radiohead released its last album as well. We’re pointing that out just in case anyone thinks the joke in the first paragraph was bullshit, since it clearly was not.