Opening up the unsettling possibility that star Jaimie Alexander might have to get even more fake tattoos applied some day (and raising the ugly specter of faux-expensive fake tattoo removal treatment), NBC has announced that it’s giving a full-season order to its new body art-thriller series Blindspot. The show has been extended to a full 22 episodes, allowing the story of human conspiracy collage Jane Doe to play out with the full, methodical pacing that a story about a naked women who’s found covered in a bunch of tattoos pointing to various crimes deserves.

Besides Alexander, the series also stars Sullivan Stapleton and Ashley Johnson, who play part of the FBI team attempting to decipher her character like a big, skin-having word search puzzle. Blindspot is currently one of NBC’s top-rated shows, and is the first new network drama to get extended to a full season so far this year.


[via Deadline]