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One might think that the middling critical reception and box-office returns of Blair Witch would put director Adam Wingard—who’s achieved great critical acclaim, if not box-office dominance, with original concepts—off of franchise filmmaking for good. But apparently it’s done quite the opposite, because now Wingard has signed on to combine two long-running franchises with Godzilla Vs. Kong. The Hollywood Reporter has details, reporting that Wingard has been in the mix for several big-budget franchise gigs in recent months but given that he’s a huge Godzilla and King Kong fan, this one should be “a dream come true.” Wingard seems to agree:


He also notes on Twitter that he looks ”really high” in the photo illustrating THR’s story, so we’ve added that same photo above for your evening amusement. Godzilla Vs. Kong is due in theaters on May 22, 2020, and will follow Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, which is currently in production. Wingard’s next project, a live-action adaptation of Death Note, will premiere on Netflix on August 25.

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