Much as the original Ironside demonstrated that, by working together, the disabled, women, and minorities were every bit the equivalent of at least one able-bodied white man on another TV show, NBC’s Ironside reboot will reflect the more modern, complex times we live in by casting Blair Underwood in Raymond Burr's former titular role as a paralyzed detective. This new Ironside—who is both black and disabled, so DEAL WITH IT, ESTABLISHMENT—is described in the NBC press release as “tough, sexy but acerbic,” meaning Ironside will prove all over again to an all-new generation that everyone’s the same, particularly when they star on a modern-day police procedural. In addition to boasting a name that's also a descriptive portmanteau, Underwood, of course, has years of fake-legal experience thanks to his tenure on L.A. Law. And fortunately for him, since 1967 the Television Bar Association has relaxed the requirement that all its attorneys have experience piloting a bitchin’ van.