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Blade Runner screenwriter returns for sequel, which is now officially a sequel

Having something a little more radical in mind than merely upgrading it again, Ridley Scott has taken his determination to do another Blade Runner to its original screenwriter, Hampton Fancher, demanding, "I want more life, fucker!" (or "father," depending on whether you're watching this on TV). According to press release, Fancher is in early talks to work his old magic and pen at least the initial idea for what is now officially confirmed to be a sequel set "some years after the first film concluded"—a distance that should completely negate any need to mention Harrison Ford anymore, even though people still will. Like now: Harrison Ford. You're reading a magazine. You come across a full-page nude photo of Harrison Ford. He looks pissed off. Anyway, the dearth of Deckard opens the door for Scott to get back into his comfort zone and bring in a tough female protagonist to do "a man's job," as it were.


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