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The original Blade Runner had a few memorable moments of violence, some of which were truly horrific, and while we don’t know if sequel Blade Runner 2049 will have any extended scenes of eyeball gouging, we do know that the Motion Picture Association Of America has deemed it violent enough for an R-rating. That comes from /Film, which says the MPAA specifically gave Blade Runner 2049 an R for “violence, some sexuality, nudity, and language,” which indicates that it will have a lot of violence and smaller amounts of cussing and sex stuff.

Based on the most recent trailer, we know that Ryan Gosling’s character is going to get knocked around pretty bad, which is probably a nod to how badly Harrison Ford got his ass kicked in the original, so maybe that means we’ll get some more of the aforementioned eye-gouging, or maybe some finger-breaking and head-exploding.


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