Joining the clamor for a solo movie based on Marvel’s Black Widow character, comics writer Nathan Edmondson has developed the first six pages of a Black Widow screenplay. Last month, Marvel unveiled a five-year plan to give fans everything from a Doctor Strange film to a two-part Avengers sequel tackling the Infinity War—but no Black Widow movie. In response, Black Widow fans took their gripes to Twitter on the off-chance that a professional writer would start a screenplay for them. And now Edmondson, who writes the Black Widow comic for Marvel, has written the beginning of said screenplay, depicting the female ex-KGB agent in Berlin kicking butt, giving sass, and even dressing up like an elderly woman (perhaps to emphasize that Scarlett Johansson looks great no matter what she wears).

You can read the whole thing at Edmonson’s site.

However, since the screenplay ends with a call for someone else to finish it, and since this is at least the third effort to start a Black Widow script—following a treatment by Guardians Of The Galaxy scribe Nicole Perlman and a full-length script by X-Men writer David Hayter—it can be reasonably assumed that this new effort is also a non-starter. If that’s not enough, we also have comments from Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, doubting the launch of a Black Widow franchise to further disillusion you. But if you still find yourself unswayed, you can join the Twitter campaign of #BlackWidowMovie—or just write your own film, like everyone else is doing.


[via BuzzFeed]