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Black Widow returns to the Red Room in final trailer

The final trailer for Marvel’s Black Widow is a solid reminder that going back home can be difficult, especially if your “home” is under the manipulative rule of a highly adept tactician who possesses the skills of some of your old work buddies. In the latest look before the film’s May 1 premiere, Natasha’s (Scarlett Johannson) sister assassin Yelena (Florence Pugh) informs her of what they’re up against: The Red Room—the place where they trained—has been taken over by Taskmaster, an astute supervillain who is able to mimic the skills of his enemies. Under his oppressive thumb, the vulnerable recruits are now essentially his soldiers, waiting to do his bidding. “They’re manipulated: fully conscious, but no choices,” Yelena says before we quickly learn that they are severely outnumbered.


The clip shows us a little more of Taskmaster’s copycat abilities, which are a huge threat when you’re learning from the likes of the Avengers. His borrowed Black Panther and Hawkeye skills are an obstacle for Natasha on their own. Add in the fact that he’s been studying old footage of her on his down time and it’s clear that she, Yelena, Melina (Rachel Weisz), and Red Gaurdian (David Harbour) are in for a fight. That could be fun to watch, but so would an extended cut of the dysfunctional family dinner table scene, which continues to look promising.

The Cate Shortland-directed prequel takes place after the events of Captain America: Civil War. While coronavirus concerns continue to shutter and postpone major events, including the release of the Bond film No Time To Die, it looks like Marvel is moving ahead with Black Widow’s originally planned May release.