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We haven’t heard of any actual movement on the Call Of Duty movie since February, when Sicario: Day Of The Soldado director Stefano Sollima signed on to direct the video game adaptation, but it looks like Activision Blizzard—the company that publishes the Call Of Duty games—has some high hopes for it. According to Variety, the company has already hired Black Panther writer Joe Robert Cole to put together a script for a Call Of Duty sequel, even though the first movie hasn’t been made yet and doesn’t even have a cast. Hell, it doesn’t even have a distributor, so at this point it’s just Activision paying people to work on a movie that might not get made.


Moving past that, the Variety story says that the first movie is an “adaptation of the popular video game,” but that’s not really the right use of the word in this situation. The Call Of Duty series encompasses a bunch of different games, most of which are completely disconnected from each other. If this is an adaptation of the first game called Call Of Duty, it’ll be a World War II movie. If it’s an adaptation of Call Of Duty 4, which has the most famous storyline, it’ll be a modern war movie following a few different military stories. If it’s an adaptation of the recently released Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4, it’ll have no story at all other than people complaining about how overpowered the dog is (the dog is bullshit). That’s all aside from the fact that Joe Robert Cole has to now write a sequel, which could either be a direct sequel to whatever Sollima’s doing or a completely unrelated thing like the games.

But hey, Activision Blizzard has a ton of money. It can throw it away on whatever it wants.

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