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Black Mirror's social-media dystopia episode is now the feel-bad card game of the season

Photo: Black Mirror (Netflix)

Social media is exhausting, so it was only a matter of time until someone brought it to game night, where learning the rules takes longer than the game itself. The good news is that we all already know how to conjure up a fake, more appealing existence for ourselves online, and that’s exactly the goal of a new board game inspired by the soul-crushing techno-horror series Black Mirror.

The game is specifically modeled after “Nosedive,” the series’ third season opener. In it, Bryce Dallas Howard’s protagonist sees her life spiral out of control as her social status plummets on an app that tasks users with rating each other based on casual interactions. It’s all very dystopian (and very imminent) so it should make a fitting Christmas gift in these dark, dark times.


So, how does it work? Basically, players work in conjunction with a free smartphone app to create a “perfect” life via the app’s “1,000 unique experiences,” which we’re guessing include “date night with hubby” and at least one trip to a pumpkin patch. Any slip-ups get you a “ding” and a lower “Social Score,” and we all know (grits teeth) you don’t want a low Social Score.

Learn more here before the game officially drops on November 25, and catch a glimpse of it below.

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