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Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker tends to keep the details on upcoming seasons of his celebrated techno-paranoid Twilight Zone riff quiet, understanding as well as anybody that much of Black Mirror’s power comes from its tendency to surprise and shock. Still, Brooker did step up to make one thing about the show’s upcoming fifth season clear today: Don’t expect to see any of those hypothetical sequel episodes to beloved outings like “San Junipero” any time soon.

Brooker issued a tweet today, pushing back against a Complex story that suggested and/or stated that a sequel to the third-season favorite (in which Mackenzie Davis and Gugu Mbatha-Raw play lovers connected by the titular virtual reality city) was in the works for the series’ next outing. Brooker’s response was, of course, as tight-lipped as it could be while still refuting the idea, tweeting a link to the article with a simple “Nope.” (Both tweets have now been deleted.)


To be fair, Brooker has raised the possibility of revisiting that particular world—one of the few Black Mirror universes that doesn’t end up revealing itself as a hell of our own iPhone-assisted design—on more than one occasion. Complex was quoting from some hypotheticals in the Inside Black Mirror book when it wrote up the possibility of “San Junipero 2,” for instance, while Brooker told THR last year that he’s been thinking about ways to extend the world of that particular episode for some time. But not for now; as is, we’ll have to content ourselves with the idea that heaven remains a place in Charlie Brooker’s head, and not on Earth. (Or Netflix.)

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