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Black Lightning will reportedly show up for the Arrowverse's "Crisis On Infinite Earths"

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Although it shares a network, an executive producer, and a comic book universe of origin with The CW’s Arrowverse of superhero shows, Salim Akil’s Black Lightning has always kept itself separate from its more generally-goofy cousins like The Flash or Legends Of Tomorrow. Although the Cress Williams-starring series—about a retired superhero who gets back into the game when gang violence hits a no-longer-ignorable crisis point—has made a few joking references to heroes like Vixen or Supergirl over its two seasons on the air, it’s also established that it takes place on a wholly different Earth from the ones that Barry Allen and Oliver Queen are always running around, firing medieval weapons on.

But, then, they don’t call it “Crisis on Most Earths,” right? Per Comicbook.com, Williams appears to have confirmed rumors that the Arrowverse’s upcoming “Crisis On Infinite Earths” event—which is also set to feature cameos from Burt Ward and a return to the Superman role for franchise star Brandon Routh—would also see Jefferson Pierce swing by to help save the day. It’s not clear what form said appearance would take, although parallels are being drawn to the way Batwoman made her first appearance in last year’s “Elseworlds” event.


It’s also worth noting that nobody on the showrunning side of any of these shows has weighed in on this news, so it’s possible that none of this has been set in stone. Still, it’s an exciting idea, especially since it’ll be interesting to see how Black Lightning’s more thoughtful tone contrasts with the wilder antics that often play out on its neighboring shows.

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