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Black-ish spin-off College-ish has officially been picked up by Freeform

(Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Last week, we reported that the Black-ish spin-off—which will follow Yara Shahidi’s character Zoey to university, and which has finally been gifted with a title, the somewhat predictable College-ish—would be jumping ship for ABC’s sister-network Freeform. (Formerly ABC Family.) Now, Variety confirms that the series—which was passed up by ABC itself, reportedly for being too “young”— has been given a green light from its new network, which has picked it up for a 13-episode first season.

Shahidi will be joined on the series by recurring Black-ish player Dean Cole, reprising his role as Charlie. The rest of the cast will be newcomers, filling in the student body and administration of Zoey’s new college. Black-ish creator Kenya Barris—who also developed College-ish—expressed his delight at the news, while also offering up some advice to all the aspiring writers in his audience: “To any aspiring writers struggling to make it out there,” Barris joked, “I highly advise adding an ‘–ish’ to any working title you might have. It seems to be the move.”


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