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Black Flag's new album has pretty horrible cover art

The Greg Ginn-fronted Black Flag has announced a new record, the band’s first since 1985. While the group’s long-awaited return is relatively big news, the real hot topic around the record, the aptly titled What The…, is the downright hideous album art. A mashup of some slime green globs, the Warheads candy guy, and Rude Dog, the album’s cover is truly a sight to behold.


Two of the tracks from the album—“Down In The Dirt” and “Wallow In Despair,” below—are already streaming online. Other tracks on the record include “It’s So Absurd,” “No Teeth,” and “You Gotta Be Joking.”

The band’s current lineup includes 1979-era vocalist Ron Reyes, Screeching Weasel bassist Dave Klein, and Greg Ginn associate and drummer Gregory Moore.

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