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Black Flag’s Greg Ginn suing members of FLAG, Henry Rollins, probably Black Flag fans eventually

Over the weekend it became public that Greg Ginn, founding Black Flag guitarist and owner of SST Records, was filing a lawsuit against FLAG, the band launched by his former band mates earlier this year. Ginn is claiming that SST Records owns the rights to the Black Flag name, including all variations, and the group’s iconic logo (the several thousand bands that have ripped it off should watch out), and accuses FLAG vocalist Keith Morris of “lying to the Trademark Office” and “outrageous fraud” amongst other things.

Also named as a defendant is Henry Rollins, who despite having publically stated he has no interest in playing any “old music”—or for that matter, any music at all—is having the same charges as Morris leveraged against him. This all due to Ginn’s claims of his former band mates “using the Black Flag name since 1979” somehow profiting from “bootleg SST t-shirts,” and that FLAG is “likely to cause confusion, mistake or deception among consumers.” Ginn is also filing an injunction against the recently launched FLAG tour, but there has yet to be any word about how this will effect the band’s upcoming tour dates or its promise of new music, while Black Flag continues to tease the release of a new album coming some time this year.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]


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