(Photo: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

Earlier this week, enigmatic art pop pixie Björk announced her latest album, a still-untitled effort that’ll act as the follow-up to 2015’s Vulnicura. Today, we’ve got some more details on the album, courtesy of a new cover story from Dazed magazine (along with a photo suggesting Björk hasn’t been keeping up with the latest in murderous coral news).

In quotes from the article (via Stereogum), the Icelandic singer/songwriter/umlaut-user describes the new music as a sort of dating album, interspersed with political ideas. “It’s like my Tinder album,” she said. “It is definitely about that search—and about being in love. Spending time with a person you enjoy on every level is obviously utopia, you know? I mean, it’s real. It’s when the dream comes real.”


Descriptions of the new tracks make them sound as strange and intoxicating as the rest of Björk’s recent work, but we’re mostly just delighted at the mental image of someone lazily browsing their way through Tinder, only to come across an eclectic pop genius dressed like a murdered swan and inviting them to participate in a VR experiment about utopian dream-farming. Which way do you even swipe that? We’re not convinced the swipe-left/swipe-right dichotomy is even capable of containing Björk at all.