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Björk dropped in for a surprise DJ set at her old school

Screenshot: YouTube

As the saying goes, Björk gonna Björk. And last week Björk decided she was gonna drop by her old school in Iceland for a surprise DJ set. The avant-garde musician and singer put in a very special appearance during a school dance, of all things, where she took command of the DJ booth for the evening. Thankfully, at least one student was cool enough to document the occasion, sharing a couple of short videos on Twitter:


Kids out here in America are awkwardly swaying to school administration-approved bangers by artists like Ed Sheeran or whichever other white boy is deemed inoffensive that week, courtesy of the cool geology teacher who keeps an acoustic guitar in his classroom and who probably insisted on sharing his “dope playlists” with the teens. Meanwhile, Icelandic students are over there bopping to DJ friggin’ Björk and her exquisite music tastes. And while she didn’t perform any of her own music, Björk did serve up choice tracks by artists like Death Grips (see the “Guillotine” clip above). It’s just further proof that everything is better in Iceland, whether it’s the healthcare or the waterfalls, or weird-ass musicians like Björk showing up to kick some jams at a school dance.

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