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Bitchin’ news, everybody: James Cameron is actually making four Avatar sequels

If you were one of the increasingly rare Avatar fans disappointed in the revelation that Avatar 2 won’t be ready for Christmas 2017, here’s a little pick me up: Variety reports that James Cameron is making an extra sequel. That’s right—not one, not two, not even three sequels during which you’ll apparently “shit yourself with your mouth wide open.” Four.

Cameron made the announcement on stage at CinemaCon, explaining, “We have decided to embark on a truly massive cinematic project, making four epic films, each of which stands alone but together forms a complete saga.” He also noted that while almost no one has seen the initial concepts for the films, those who have were left “speechless.” True fans have to be a little concerned if this was the only reaction, because if they’re not physically soiling themselves, there’s no way the ideas are up to Cameron’s standards.


As for the timing for this quartet of sequels, the first one is now scheduled for Christmas 2018, with the others following around the same time in 2020, 2022, and 2023, respectively. “The next time I see you will be on Pandora,” Cameron declared, which finally explains why this ordeal is taking so long. The guy is clearly building an actual alien planet complete with an indigenous population of 10-foot-tall blue people and countless monsters. Sounds expensive, but undeniably bitchin’.

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