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BioWare’s next game is called Anthem

Screenshot: Electronic Arts

EA is finally ready to show off the next game from BioWare, the storied studio behind series like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Today at its E3 press briefing, EA announced that the long-in-development project is officially titled Anthem. Formerly known by its codename, Dylan, the game has been rumored to be an online multiplayer RPG in the vein of Destiny, and the short teaser trailer EA played at its E3 press conference definitely had some similarities to Bungie’s hit shooter. It looks like it’ll take place in a world where what’s left of humanity lives behind a wall that’s protecting them from humongous beasts. But you, the valiant player of video games, will hop in a super-soldier suit and venture out to kill stuff. EA promises we’ll see plenty more of Anthem tomorrow at Microsoft’s monster of a showcase, but in the meantime, here’s that teaser:

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