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Biopic of INXS' Michael Hutchence to scar his daughter for life

Taking a route similar to 1989's Wired (and look how great that turned out!), Slide Away, the forthcoming biopic about late INXS singer Michael Hutchence, will reportedly feature his ghost reliving the ups and downs of his drugs- and sex-fueled life, with one twist: He's bringing his 11-year-old daughter Tiger Lilly along for the ride. Set on the 10th anniversary of Hutchence's death—which most believe to be the result of autoerotic asphyxiation gone awry, despite the "official" ruling of suicide—the film will find Hutchence's ghost appearing in his young daughter's bedroom, then walking her through a "magical tour" of his rock 'n' roll days that ends in the Sydney hotel room where he died. The producers, naturally, want Johnny Depp for the part of Hutchence (they'd also apparently settle for Eric Bana or, gulp, Hayden Christensen) but even with the promise of big talent, not everyone is pleased with the premise, or the attachment of music video director Nick Egan to the project, particularly Hutchence's half-sister Tina Schorr. (If you have some time to kill, the film's producers respond to Tina's accusations in ridiculous detail here.)


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