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Binding Of Isaac creator releases new images and music from upcoming remake

Edmund McMillen, the creator of the feces-splattered tear-shooting game The Binding Of Isaac, gave players a glimpse of the upcoming remake last night. McMillen is committed to a “no sacred cows” approach for the second draft of Isaac—officially titled The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth—and to that end he’s commissioned a completely new soundtrack. The song below, according to McMillen, is the “basement” track, the basement being the first level that you encounter during your decent into the depths of the earth (and OF YOUR SOUL). The developer elaborates:

Rebirth will feature a fully remade soundtrack + a lot more. Diptera Sonata is the games new “basement” track. as the game progresses the soundscapes become more ominous and ambient, youll hear creatures living in the walls, splashing through the caves and your mother whispering in your ear.. or is that satan? hard to tell these days.

currently the soundtrack is more than 80% done, and this time being handled completely by Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans, who some might know from the bands Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and the Book of Knots. or their work on the upcoming Mewgenics soundtrack.


The original soundtrack was already excellent, but McMillen wants a complete overhaul. He has redone the art style, too, making it more pixelated because, as he’s mentioned before, he thought the original look was an “eyesore.” That’s harsh, but the late-Super-NES-era makeover is coming along nicely, as seen in a GIF that McMillen posted to the game’s Tumblr:

This image was lost some time after publication.

If you’re not familiar with The Binding Of Isaac, those purplish things are tears that have been souped up with the ability to home in on enemies, that ring of brown in the middle is a pile of poop that might have housed a small power-up, and Isaac has a wire hanger through his head because it makes him cry more, which is a good thing. But that was probably obvious.

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