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Hannah Montana

As reported by Variety, Billy Ray Cyrus—the guy who, hilariously, is now most famous for fathering Miley Cyrus—will star in a new scripted comedy series on the country music-themed CMT network. The show will be titled Still The King, and Cyrus will play “a washed up one-hit wonder who is kicked out of country music”—snicker snicker—“only to emerge 20 years later as the second best Elvis impersonator in Laughlin, Nevada.” It doesn’t stop there, though, because CMT managed to cram a few more premises into this single TV show. After leaving Nevada, Cyrus’ character drunkenly crashes into a church outside of Nashville, and a judge sentences him to return to the church and perform community service.

But wait! It doesn’t even stop there: Cyrus then decides to pretend to be the new minister instead of the guy who trashed the church, making us wonder why they even bothered with the one-hit wonder country music stuff and the Elvis thing. At least that’s it, and they didn’t throw in something about him having a teenage daughter he’s never met. Oh wait, they did! Seriously, CMT. How drunk were you when you crashed into this metaphorical church?


CMT also announced a new nightly talk show—well, nightly from Wednesdays to Saturdays—that will be hosted by Chelsea Lately mainstay Josh Wolf. Variety says it will “focus on comedy and sketches involving country-music stars and Hollywood celebrities.” Also, CMT freely admits that it will copy Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show as much as possible, since he’s “really turned that show into an opportunity to push things out virally.” Hopefully, Billy Ray Cyrus’ character from Still The King will show up every night and explain more aspects of his backstory.

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