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Billy Ray Cyrus remade "Achy Breaky Heart" as a hip-hop song, so here's that, we guess

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In 1938, Orson Welles stoked a mass panic among Americans who listened to his alien invasion radio drama War Of The Worlds, and became convinced that all hope had been lost for humanity. In 2014, actual War Of The Worlds survivor Larry King offers an update of that experience in this video, wherein he reports on a UFO sighting that heralds an apocalyptic collision between Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart” and unknown rapper Buck 22, who puts the “hip-hop spin” on the 1992 hit that’s been so eagerly anticipated/prophesized by Larry King.

More than just the answer to “WHAT,” Buck 22’s “Achy Breaky 2” finally replies to the questions posed by “Accidental Racist,” as to whether country and hip-hop can ever peacefully coexist. (“Yes—but at what terrible cost?” it says.) Yet at the same time, it raises so many more. Here are some of those questions, with answers as provided by its accompanying video.

How did this happen?
“It happened because I happened to meet up with Billy Cyrus,” raps Buck 22, who also lists other factors such as “drinking whiskey.”


Who is Buck 22?
A rapper who, according to the lyrics, has “Been next to BRC on TMZ, got everyone wonderin’ who I am.”

That seems dubious.
It does.

Wait, did he really call Billy Ray Cyrus “BRC”?
A number of times.

Why is Larry King there?
He’s apparently friends with Billy Ray Cyrus.

Right, but that hardly seems like a reason.
Well, the concept of the video is that Larry King has been asked to deliver “Breaking News” of a UFO, despite the fact that Larry King is still a “newsman” in the same way that Billy Ray Cyrus is still a “working artist.”

And what does Muhammad Ali have to do with any of this?
Larry King just knows some stuff about Muhammad Ali.

In the beginning, why is Billy Ray Cyrus walking with a young boy in some sort of weird homage to The Andy Griffith Show and—
Let me stop you right there, otherwise we’ll just be going back and forth forever. In this video, Cyrus and the young boy are transported to a spacecraft piloted by pipe-hitting alien ladies whose naked butts are hanging out. The young boy is instantly transformed into the adult Buck 22—yet he still shows up again later in the video—all so that Buck 22 can perform with Billy Ray Cyrus and a well-rehearsed band that was apparently just waiting for this gig. And again, this is all in service of a hip-hop cover of “Achy Breaky Heart.” It’s fair to say “why” never entered into the discussion.


Fair enough. Say, did they just shout out Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter Miley over a shot of wiggling butts, right before one of those naked alien ladies blows some pot smoke in Billy’s face?
Indeed they did.

All that uproar over Miley “co-opting hip-hop culture” seems relatively silly now, doesn’t it?
I suppose it does.


Hey, remember when Billy Ray Cyrus said all that stuff about how the devil had attacked his family, trapping him on the “highway to darkness”?
I do!

Who’s laughing now?
No one…. No one.

[via UPROXX]


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