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Billy On The Street’s Thanksgiving parade has Katie Couric, a Sean Penn balloon

Billy Eichner has a rather singular view of the world. He lives for certain people—Meryl Streep, for example—and both loudly and lovingly disparages others. That dichotomy is perfectly clear in “Billy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade,” a new sketch scheduled to run on this Thursday’s episode of Billy On The Street. For the bit, Eichner is joined by Katie Couric for Eichner’s dream Thanksgiving parade, featuring floats dedicated to Mark Ruffalo and the glory of publicists. Billy On The Street also ponied up to have giant helium balloons made of stars like Sean Penn and Rooney Mara, and Elena, one of Eichner’s friends and a Billy On The Street regular, pops in at the end of the parade as a very confused Mrs. Claus. It’s all very weird, and very Eichner.

Billy On The Street airs Thursday nights at 10:30 p.m. EST on TruTV.


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