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Billy On The Street’s latest obstacle course pits Rachel Dratch against Scientology

As any loyal Billy On The Street viewer knows, the show’s obstacle courses are always pretty big to-dos. But for Billy’s latest endeavor, “Leah Remini’s Escape From Scientology,” the show has really gone above and beyond: In the clip below, Billy Eichner enlists Rachel Dratch to first join Scientology, à la King Of Queens star Leah Remini, and then try to break away. Dratch faces challenges like rescuing her children from Sea Org, freeing all the men from John Travolta’s shed, and climbing the volcano pictured on the cover of Dianetics. It’s all as kooky as that sounds, though Eichner’s asides (“Where’s my GLAAD Award!?!”) make this Billy On The Street obstacle course especially rich.

Billy On The Street’s next episode, which features this sketch, airs Thursday, December 10 at 10:30pm EST on TruTV.

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