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Billy On The Street returning for a fourth season on a new network

Billy Eichner is undoubtedly slightly more excitable than usual today. TruTV has announced it’ll air the upcoming fourth season of Billy On The Street, taking over from Fuse and putting the show on a channel slightly more people can watch. The 10-episode run will begin airing later this year, with production beginning in New York in the Spring. As part of the deal, reruns of Billy On The Street will also air on the Turner-owned TBS, though as to when in the day that’ll happen (2 a.m.? 2 p.m.?) is unclear. Turner also bought the rights to all 32 extant episodes of Billy, giving them the right to air those whenever.

There’s also a development layer to the deal, with Eichner committing to creating pilots for both TruTV and Adult Swim as well as getting a half-hour stand-up special that will air on both TBS and TruTV.

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