(Photo: Getty Images, Myrna M. Suarez)

A few people had a weirdly difficult time condemning the actions of the white nationalists, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis who attended the Charlottesville rally (and other similar rallies), but Billy Joel is one guy who apparently has no interest in quietly standing by while Nazis fight to regain relevance. As reported by People, Joel took the stage at a recent show at New York’s Madison Square Garden whearing a yellow Star Of David on the lapel of his jacket, a pointed references to the stars that Jewish people were forced to wear during the Holocaust. As People points out, it’s a fairly overt political statement from a guy who—as recently as June—told Rolling Stone that he tries to “stay out of politics” because he doesn’t want to “tell people how to think.”

On Instagram, Joel’s daughter Alex Ray expressed her support for her dad: