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Billy Eichner showing his typical enthusiasm while talking to Olivia Wilde

New York pedestrians be warned (or excited)—TruTV has just announced it’s renewed Billy On The Street for a fifth season of celebrity-adjacent sprints and sidewalk queries from host Billy Eichner. This will be the second season of the Funny Or Die-produced series that TruTV will air after having snapped it up from Fuse last year, and it sounds like the show has performed well in its home. TruTV’s renewal announcement notes that Billy On The Street’s recently-wrapped fourth season placed in the top 10 rankings among all cable entertainment networks in their timeslots for adults 18-34. Eichner’s fast-paced quiz show will return in late 2016 with 10 half-hour episodes and more opportunities for New Yorkers to win a dollar while gawking at movie stars.

But that’s not all of the news from TruTV which, in an effort to rebrand itself, has focused on procuring comedies for its lineup. The network also renewed CollegeHumor’s Adam Ruins Everything, which stars Adam Conover as a myth buster of the Penn & Teller: Bullshit! variety, who tempers the disillusionment with plenty of humor. And finally, TruTV has ordered a pilot for No Dumb Questions (that’s a working title); hosted by Emily Axford (also of Adam Ruins Everything), the show will see a team of “comedy journalists” posing seemingly obvious questions that most people wouldn’t think to ask, which they will presumably answer as well.


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