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Billy Eichner urges everyone to join him for a Tuesday voting orgy on The Late Show

Billy Eichner, Stephen Colbert
Screenshot: The Late Show

On Friday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert welcomed American Horror Story star and titular Billy On The Street, Billy Eichner, with an innocent-sounding “How are you?” Knowing it doesn’t take much to set Eichner’s comedy whirlwind of a mind going, Colbert sat back as the actor, comedian, and voting enthusiast indeed then went off about the upcoming (as in four days hence) midterm elections. You now, the ones that will determine whether enough sane people will turn out to put the brakes on a sociopathic white supremacist reality show host’s attempts to turn America into a morally vacuous hate-state. That one. Eichner, who–in addition to his AHS double-duty this season and the online return of Billy On The Street—has been touting the benefits of voting out anyone who supports Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s march toward a totalitarianistic white ethno-state with his “Glam Up The Midterms” tour since early in 2018, told Colbert that he’s feeling particularly . . . enthusiastic as Tuesday the 6th approaches.

“I am, like, horny, but to vote,” Eichner told Colbert with hard-to-deny passion, kicking off a comedians’ back-and-forth of sexy voting double entendres. (“Are you an early voter?,” might have been the winner for Colbert.) Eichner noted that the youth vote is what’s going to make the difference this time out, since not only are those darned millennials (with their avocado toast, and dungarees, and cordless telephones, and all) more politically active than any other group in America, they’re also a larger voting bloc at this point then those aging Baby Boomers (with the crotchety racism, and complacency, and their old white men running everything). Still, turnout is key, exhorted Eichner, who celebrated how motivated millennials have been to participate in things like town halls to save healthcare, the Women’s March, and the March For Our Lives, while urging young Americans that it’s now time “to take that energy and vote for our lives.”


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