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Billy Eichner to play Donna's doppelgänger in the Parks And Recreation episode with all the doppelgängers

Parks And Recreation’s bizarro Donna has been perfectly cast. Billy On The Street host and comedian Billy Eichner will play Eagleton’s “Treat Yo’ Self” expert and cigar-smoking player. Eichner will pop up in the episode of Parks’ second episode, alongside Kristen Bell and Sam Elliott as Leslie and Ron’s respective doppelgängers.

Parks creator Mike Schur calls Eichner “one of the funniest human beings I have ever seen in my entire life,” which says something, and says that he’s still looking for an April Ludgate equivalent. Might we suggest Daria? Schur also says that Tom Haverford’s doppelgänger has been cast but will remain a secret not because of who the actor is, but because of “the concept behind it.” So, Mark Brendanawicz?


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