Eichner showing off his pipes with Sarah Jessica Parker on Billy On The Street.

Billy Eichner’s made a career out of screaming at people, and now he’ll have a chance to show off those pipes as the newest addition to the cast of American Horror Story. Eichner’s been cast in a ”heavily recurring role” in the upcoming seventh season of the show opposite Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, according to Deadline. Not much is known about the next season, aside from co-creator Ryan Murphy’s (presumably serious) assertion that it’ll have something to do with the real-life terror of the 2016 presidential race.

Eichner’s role is similarly cryptic, aside from the curiously specific detail that his character “mostly will be wearing mysterious tank tops” and will be some sort of advisor to Paulson’s character. Paulson has recently been hinting that she’d like to play Donald Trump on the show, telling The Hollywood Reporter ,“that’s an acting challenge to be sure.” So if Paulson is Trump, would that make Eichner the Kellyanne Conway or the Steve Bannon of the piece? Either one seems like kind of an insult, to be honest.