Parks And Recreation and Billy On The Street star Billy Eichner’s career is rising faster than his blood pressure. The Hollywood Reporter reports that America’s shrieking sweetheart has signed a deal to publish his first book, an as-yet-untitled collection of Eichner’s observations on pop culture, Hollywood, and presumably, Meryl Fucking Streep.

“I’m very excited to start writing, and I can assure my fans they will love the book more than Shailene Woodley loves Tom’s of Maine,” Eichner says. “This book is for anyone obsessed with show business, pop culture, social media and lots of other fun topics that fill our days as we hurtle helplessly toward accidents, illness, infidelity and death.”


In addition to the book, Eichner is currently filming a pilot, Different People, with fellow lovable loudmouth Julie Klausner and executive producer/outspoken fan Amy Poehler. A fourth season of Eichner’s Billy On The Street also seems a given, thanks to increased star power this season from the likes of Paul Rudd, Lena Dunham, Drew Barrymore, and of course, Elena, although Funny Or Die has yet to make a formal announcement.