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Billy Eichner hits the street with Chris Evans, just happens to run into Paul Rudd

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of his show Billy On The Street, as well as his long-running show being available on Netflix for the first time, Billy Eichner pulled out the big guns: Captain America Chris Evans, to be exact. Is it just us, or do Billy’s street participants seem less thrilled than they once were? The first person he accosts barely looks up from her phone to say, “Yeah hi, Billy, I’m thrilled for you.” A young girl with a fetching Edward Scissorhands T-shirt seems much more excited about Chris Evans being there (as he tries to plug his upcoming movie, Knives Out) than Billy’s anniversary.


Honestly, the best part is Billy asking people to sign a petition to remove Kevin Spacey from homosexuality in favor of adding Chris Evans. Second place is the pair running into Paul Rudd, and then asking a random women who she’d rather have sex with Rudd or Evans. She immediately responds, “Paul Rudd all the way,” due to his appearance in Clueless and his agelessness (fair!) and Rudd then just casually walks up to her. Check it all out in the clip above, or, like Billy says, view his old episodes on Netflix, if you’d rather see him sing Christmas carols with Amy Poehler, or destroy a car with Lindsay Lohan. (“Don’t judge!” Billy yells.)

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.