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Billy Eichner bids a fond and hilarious farewell to Bones

Is everyone mourning the end of Bones? Or is no one mourning the end of Bones? We’re pretty sure there’s no either/or in this situation, but Billy Eichner certainly has feelings about the adventures of Booth and Bones coming to a conclusion. Some of his sentiments may not be very specific, and might relate to the fact that “bones” is a very funny word to say. But as Eichner figures out in a new Billy On The Street segment, some people on the streets of New York really are torn up about the situation. After 12 seasons, can there really have been enough Bones? (Heh. “Bones.”)

Come for the Bones superfans, stay for the guy who has only missed two seasons of Survivor. Eichner asks him why he hasn’t been a completist. “September 11,“ he answers. “Not an excuse,” Eichner bellows while running off.


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