The Millers may have been known as “that fart show” early in its run, but it has since been reclassified “that Will Arnett and Margo Martindale show that is apparently still on.” Now CBS is looking to get people to remember what the show is actually called by casting a pair of well-liked comedians in guest-starring roles. This comes from Entertainment Weekly, which reports that Parks And Recreation’s Billy Eichner will show up in the upcoming second season as Leon, the ex-husband of Sean Hayes’ Kip. Apparently Kip and Nathan—Arnett’s character—will pretend to be lovers in order to make Leon jealous, with the humor presumably coming out of the absurdity of a straight man saying he loves another man. It’s a comedy premise as fresh as, well, fart jokes. Also, Eichner will almost certainly do that thing where he yells for no reason, which is always pretty funny.

EW also says Flight of the Conchords’ Rhys Darby will make an appearance in a subsequent episode. He’ll be playing Martin J.S. Essex, a former classmate of Arnett’s character who is now the writer of a “Game of Thrones-type series of books.” Arnett’s Nathan was mean to him once when they were kids, and now he has come back for some reason. That’s as far as EW’s description goes, so we assume he has returned in order to seek bloody vengeance on Will Arnett, since that’s what someone would do in a Game Of Thrones-type series of books.