(Screenshot: Billy On The Street/YouTube)

Billy Eichner’s latest Billy On The Street segment is the rare one that has little to do with celebrities. Rather, he enlists Keegan-Michael Key to aid him in a game that turns out to be a sharp commentary about the U.S.’ lax gun regulations. Though even as he spouts unfortunately real facts about firearms, Eichner finds a way to work in a Hollywood Foreign Press Association burn and a surprising reference to Jane Kaczmarek.

Key competes in a Double Dare rip-off that, according to Eichner, is believed to be “the first obstacle course without any real obstacles.” The challenges Key must complete correspond to different states, and involve digging a gun out of George Washington’s nose in a Mount Rushmore replica, demolishing a piñata with a fake rifle courtesy of Sarah Palin, and shooting the Wicked Witch of the West. Unfortunately, Key cannot accomplish that task, and the Cowardly Lion goes down instead.