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In news that every Star Wars fan has been anxiously awaiting since Disney's recent acquisition of Lucasfilm, Disney-owned ABC now has the right to use Billy Dee Williams in an episode of Modern Family, as use of Billy Dee Williams was presumably included as part of the package.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Williams will appear as himself, turning up at a New Year's Eve card game that Ed O'Neill's Jay wanders into during one of the family's many vacations away from the rat race of just sort of hanging around their luxurious homes, listening to Sofia Vergara screech. The smooth, refreshing taste of Billy Dee Williams: It works every time, even if it's just taking a role on General Hospital for a while. Anyway, speculation over whether Williams will say, "Helloooo, what have we here?" about every single poker hand he gets is obviously just that, though clearly Disney can make him do whatever they want now, and he'll have no choice. ("Perhaps you think you're being treated unfairly?" Disney will ask him, which is also from Star Wars.)


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