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Billy Dee Williams already did a Star Wars dance on Dancing With The Stars

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Steeling you for a new Star Wars movie that promises to bring back all the old characters for one final spin, last night’s Dancing With The Stars brought out Billy Dee Williams—Lando himself—to once more be the administrator of this facility. Throughout his routine, Billy Dee is alive, and in perfect hibernation: The 76-year-old, who’s endured hip replacements and other assorted hyperdrive malfunctions, gyrates understandably stiffly, dancing a corporate synergy cha-cha to a John Williams disco medley alongside R2-D2, Stormtroopers, Ewoks, and a partner dolled up like Slave Leia—all on loan from ABC’s sister company Lucasfilm. After all, what’s Star Wars without a kiss from your sister?


Anyway, Williams’ routine didn’t convince the judges that he truly belonged here with them among the clouds, and his strained smile suggests he knows this DWTS deal is getting worse all the time, and other Star Wars references. But just wait until next week, when Billy Dee does the salsa with a Sarlacc pit.

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