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According to Entertainment Weekly, Tiffany Haddish and Billy Crystal are set to star in a “romantic comedy without the romance” called Here Today, with Crystal also set to direct. Crystal even co-wrote the screenplay with It’s Gary Shandling’s Show writer Alan Zweibel, and the two apparently wrote with Haddish in mind. As for that “without the romance” thing, EW says it’s about Crystal playing a “veteran comedy writer” who “slowly loses his grip on reality” until he meets and develops a “hilarious, touching, and grounding friendship” with a singer (played by Haddish). Also: There will be no romance. Do not go into this expecting any romance, or you will be very disappointed!

Crystal says the story is “charming and beautiful,” but he co-wrote it so of course he’d say that, and he adds that Here Today will play off of the “generational differences” in the two stars’ comedy styles. Production will begin later this year, so a release date is still a ways off.


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