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Billy Crudup in his previous comic-book adaptation role (Watchmen)

Variety’s reporting that Billy Crudup is in talks to star in The Flash movie. If that’s true, it will be familiar territory for Crudup: Not only will he be working with Warner Bros.—the studio behind 2009’s Watchmen adaptation—again, but he’ll get to play another doctor. According to the publication’s sources, Crudup is signing on to play Dr. Henry Allen, father to Barry a.k.a The Flash. Warner Bros. declined to comment, which means this casting news could be as real as that alien-monster thing from the Watchmen comic. But if and when the studio does confirm, all of Crudup’s dreams of spending most of his time in a superhero movie as something more than the voice of a nude, blue apparition will finally come true.

Depending on which the comic book you read, Henry Allen is either a doctor who peacefully raises his son, Barry, with his wife Nora, or he’s wrongfully convicted of her murder and dies in jail. (Hey, at least it’s no “dying in a tornado despite your superhero son being right there,” right, Pa Kent?) We don’t know which way Warner Bros. will go, but at least the project seems to be hanging on to its director, Rick Famuyiwa (Dope). Ezra Miller’s reprising his role as the Flash, with Dope’s Kiersey Clemons playing a “tough-as-nails journalist” iteration of Iris West.


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