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As proven by Billy Corgan’s recent pronouncements that he will never, ever, not in a million years reunite the original Smashing Pumpkins lineup (until the money is right, probably), he’s way past such concerns of crowd-pleasing simplicity. That’s even more evident in the ongoing release for Teargarden By Kaleidyscope, a sprawling, years-long project that will eventually comprise 44 individual tracks, each one telling a chapter in an ongoing spiritual story based on “The Fool’s Journey” version of the Tarot—a concept that will finally get its first visual accompaniment with a video featuring female wrestlers Cheerleader Melissa, Shelly Martinez, and Raven, according to a press release. In the statement, Corgan acknowledged that he “waited and waited to make the right video for the right song on Teargarden,” finally settling on the recently debuted “Owata” and drafting director Robby Starbuck to make the first-ever music video with the Red Epic M camera, which has so far been used solely by filmmakers like James Cameron and Peter Jackson.


Why the technological upgrade? Corgan says, “With the concept we have at hand, which is based on brutal Japanese style of women's wrestling, we'll need to get super clear close-ups to tell the story properly.” So just to be clear: Billy Corgan requested one of the world’s rarest cameras in order to properly capture a video for a song based on the Tarot, one that will also have a concept inspired by an obscure Japanese style of women’s wrestling. Does everyone see now how he’s evolved past the point of just going back to playing “Today” with his old buddies? Okay, good.

Here’s the group performing “Owata” last year, so imagine it like this, but with lady wrestlers. (On another note, does this mean that song “G.L.O.W.” really was about the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling?)

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