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Billy Corgan is opening his very own tea shop

Billy Corgan has officially entered the Moby phase of his career: No, he’s not dating Natalie Portman or earning millions of dollars with a ubiquitous electro record. Instead, he’s taking a page from his bald compatriot and opening a tea shop.

Madame ZuZu’s teashop opens Thursday in Highland Park, Illinois, a suburb north of Chicago. And besides being a self-described “tea guy,” Corgan wanted to open Madame ZuZu’s to blend his many interests: music from the ‘30s, Chinoise inspired design, and people who probably won’t make fun of him to his face. Corgan also boasts that the shop has “no age boundaries” and will feature “a gentle atmosphere,” including “teas from around the globe” and “light vegan pastries from all spheres” (whatever that means).


Corgan will personally be on hand at Madame ZuZu’s opening Thursday, Sept. 13, playing acoustic sessions throughout the day. It probably goes without saying that all of this should totally counteract any bad-assery he’s built up through his repeated dabbling in wrestling.

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