UPROXX reports that Billy Corgan has ended his career as a wrestling promoter. The Smashing Pumpkins frontman announced this past Saturday that he would no longer be associated with Resistance Pro Wrestling, the Chicago area organization he co-founded. Corgan tweeted that his departure was both official and unofficial, suggesting it’s not enough to just officially leave a wrestling organization. All casual ties must also be severed.

For those interested, I've left RESISTANCE PRO WRESTLING, officially and unofficially. Details to follow in the coming weeks

— Billy Corgan (@Billy) November 15, 2014

Perhaps realizing that sounded a little harsh, Corgan made it clear he was grateful to many in the organization:

And though this is by no means a way to reach them, I'd like to thank the talented wrestlers, managers, and valets I've worked with

— Billy Corgan (@Billy) November 15, 2014

The news comes after AMC announced last month that it was not going to proceed with a planned reality series that covered Resistance Pro. It is unclear if Corgan’s departure and the canceled production are connected.


Life goes on for both Resistance Pro and Corgan, albeit separately. The independent wrestling organization has a January event listed on its home page, and Corgan has a new Smashing Pumpkins album and a musical theater production scheduled for next month, reminding us all that Corgan’s career options are way cooler than ours.