(Photo: Getty Images)

Having gained new insight into the plight of the former Tonight Show host after parting ways with his beloved pro-wrestling league, the artist formerly known as Billy Corgan appears to be channeling Jay Leno with his new website, Peopleandtheircars.com. The site itself is (mostly) what it sounds like, vintage photographs of people and/or cars, with the occasional train or set of twin beds thrown in for fun.

What separates this from your average Tumblr account is that this is apparently now the only way to contact Corgan, seeing as he deleted his Twitter account yesterday after sending a tweet that said, “After mulling this for a while, I’m deleting this account. So many thanks to those that have followed. Find me at: PeopleAndTheirCars.com.” The exact nature of this experiment has yet to be revealed, but the site does offer the opportunity to join something called “The Red Border Club,” whose privileges include receiving additional pictures in your email inbox as well as “updates on new merchandise and forthcoming People And Their Cars/Hexestential books.” An enigmatic Pinterest page is expected to follow.