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Illustration for article titled Billy Bob Thornton to be part of the emEntourage /emmovies philosophical inquiry into meaninglessness

The living Zen koan that is the Entourage movie—a movie about whether a man is doing a movie, and if he is not not doing the movie, can there be a movie?—may have met its philosophical match in Billy Bob Thornton, a man who’s posed his own inquiry into the question of whether an idea can exist outside of Tom Petty, or whether the fact that it cannot be applied to Tom Petty renders it invalid. (Also known as Plato’s Theory of Tom Petty.) According to The Hollywood Reporter, Thornton is negotiating to play a “billionaire cowboy-turned-film-financier” who contributes to the exaggerated surreality of his very existence by willingly investing in a movie that stars Vincent Chase as Dracula, then sends his twentysomething son to “keep an eye on things” around its production. THR also affirms “the usual girl-chasing and party-hopping figures into the plot,” suggesting both that these will be the things Thornton’s son will be keeping an eye on, and that deliberate meaninglessness continues to be the meaning of Entourage. “Would you take Tom Petty to the club?”—the question that will now frustrate and captivate the world’s theorists from here until eternity, until it's time to go to the club.


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