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Billionaire gives world the In The Army Now sequel no one wanted

Illustration for article titled Billionaire gives world the iIn The Army Now/i sequel no one wanted

Remember In The Army Now, the hit comedy of 1994 that had audiences rolling in aisles, gasping for air between fits of laughter, and racking up hundreds of millions of dollars in box office returns? No, because none of the preceding sentence is true except for the fact that In The Army Now did, indeed, come out in 1994. (To put things in perspective, its nearly $29 million gross was only good enough to make it the third-highest grossing Pauly Shore movie.) But that’s not stopping billionaire Alki David, the CEO behind FilmOn.TV, from funding a sequel starring Shore and Andy Dick, who appeared in the first film. His site also hosts talk shows by such luminaries as Dick, Kato Kaelin, and Jersey Shore’s “The Situation.” Apparently on a recent episode of Dick’s show, Shore dropped the, “We shoulda made a sequel” line, adding, “We should rescue Katy Perry from a USO show gone bad or something.” Lest we doubt him, Shore has said he's super serious about this, you guys. Tentatively titled In The Army Again, the film now has a treatment, per Dick, and a script will be following shortly. The A.V. Club even received a press release from FilmOn.TV announcing the project, which means it will definitely happen. Unless it never does.


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