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Carrie Fisher died two years ago today, ending a life marked by a relentless, frequently hilarious pursuit of honesty and art. Anyone who’s dealt with grief over a long period of time knows how strange and painful these anniversaries—which never disappear, and rarely fully heal—can be, as noted by Fisher’s daughter, actress Billie Lourd, who offered a sweet musical tribute to her mom today on Instagram.


Lourd sang a cover of one of her mother’s favorite songs, Jackson Browne’s “These Days,” first performed publicly by Nico back in 1967. Playing on a piano that her grandfather, singer Eddie Fisher, gave to his daughter many years ago, Lourd belts the song’s wistful, heartbroken-but-not-beaten lyrics, while reflecting on its urging to “keep on moving.” “As my Momby once said,” Lourd writes, Take your broken heart and turn it into art’—whatever that art may be for you.”

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